Why we created MoneyBar

Like a lot of good products, this one started as a project to help us solve our own problems

Knowing how much money you spent on groceries each month should have been easy.

Sure, you use a couple of different bank accounts, and your partner also buys food, but that's easy to track, right?

Apparently it wasn't - We realised we could either create a spreadsheet and manually update it, or download a poorly designed app that only had half the features we needed. Neither of these options seemed good enough.

The product we wished already existed

We wanted to see how much we were spending, week by week, across different common categories, like "food", "commuting", and "eating-out". It shouldn't matter if the spending was across multiple accounts at different banks. Also transferring money from one account to another shouldn't mess up the results.


In the spirit of thinking clearly, we’d love your open and honest feedback. Let us know what you think.