About MoneyBar

Information about how to use MoneyBar, what it can do and how it can be customized.

If you bank with ING, ABN-AMRO, Rabobank or Bunq, download a bank statement and upload it to MoneyBar.

If the bank statement doesn't include accounts balances we'll ask you to type in the balance for a single date.

MoneyBar is for people who want to see how much they spend and save each month.

  • People who are nervous about looking at their bank account.
  • Homes that would like more spare cash
  • Busy families
  • Anyone who thinks that understanding their spending is a good idea.

At the moment you can use bank statements from ING or ABN AMRO. We're adding more banks soon.

If you'd like to suggest we add a particular bank, please let us know.

We turn it into information that only you can see.

We don't sell it or give it to anyone else in any form.

If you delete a document you've uploaded, all the information derived from that document is also deleted at the same time.

It's annoying, we know. We're looking forward to connecting directly to each of your banks so that transactional and balance data can be automatically collected. At the moment though, MoneyBar is still in it's early stages of developement, and we're building essential features first.
We're adding new features weekly. Currently you can se your balance history across all accounts, and your weekly spending across multiple categories. We also calculate the average weekly amount using the previous 4 weeks. If you'd like to see a particular metric, please tell us! We'd love to hear from you.
Not yet, but we're working on this. We think it would be a super useful feature.

No we don't. MoneyBar is easier to use on larger screens and web browsers do a great job.

If we create an app for your phone you'll probably be able to see one chart on the screen at a time, and you'll need to visit one hundred different screens to do something that would be much easier on a laptop or ipad.

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